Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ode to a Friend

The first time we met I remember thinking how absolutely kind and beautiful she was. We connected instantly and bonded over teenage-girly things the way teenage girls do. There was never a moment of awkwardness or wondering if the other wanted to spend her time with you. She was there for me through all my highschool crushes and understood my up and downs of insecurity that came naturally with the territory. In return, she was always quick to share her heart with me and I loved her for showing me parts of her soul that were sensitive and sacred.

When the time came to go to college, she was the one who figuratively took me by the hand and introduced me to the world of adulthood and responsibility. My first roommate, we laughed and giggled into the night--and all day--and then into the night again. There was never another individual whom I could have lived with so well for so long. I remember one night I was sick in bed, moaning from pain. She cried too, and ran to help me like I can only picture a mother doing.

And then the time came when I had to leave her. Although I had found another best friend in my husband, she wasn't being replaced. She was gracious and understanding when I sold my housing contract to a stranger--who she had to live and share a room with for several months. Still she has continued to be apart of my life, although only a small part, from a distance. Phone calls, emails, quick visits when we are both in town are the story now-a-days.

Her life has not been easy. Everything she has, she has worked and paid a price for. She has the strength to face the world that I only wish I could muster. And yet she continues, not just surviving, but thriving in a world that would be harsh. Bearing her own burdens, she also carries some of the load for those around her. I think of her more than she knows. I miss hearing her laugh everyday, spending time with her. I hope she knows how amazing she is--how much I admire her wit and courage and perseverance.

Thank you so much for your friendship. I love you, happy birthday!

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jaction said...

Oh, Megs. I love you too. You are so sweet to me. Thank you for all your friendship and love.