Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ultimate Babysitter...(please don't call Child Protective Services).

So at this point in my pregnancy I really don't care how much tv my kids watch to entertain themselves. I'm just grateful the tv exists at all. I'm too sick and listless to help the munchkins to do anything productive, so honestly I don't think Barney is going to damage them more than if they spent their time watching me puke.

I wonder what women did in the "olden days" when they were expecting their umpteenth child and they felt like crap. I betcha those poor women would have killed for a television to keep the children occupied. I can just see it now:

"Ma! Ma! I'm bored! Feed me!"

"Ugh, just go milk the cow again Jeb.... and pull little Hester out of the pig pen on your way...."

Yes, my life is pretty much a nightmare at the moment--but at least I have a couch, jello, and a huge jug of clean water to sip from every five minutes. And a Barney dvd that has a "continuous play" option.

That is all.