Thursday, May 15, 2008

Snow, Girl's Night Out, and other such Nonsense

It has been awhile--at least awhile for me--since I have blogged. Five days have gone by and I have felt no strong revelation on any important subject to express my opinion on. Thus we encounter the daily life of a "stay-at-home-mom". I try to look for things to blog about that I would usually discuss with an adult friend, had they been standing next to me, eager and ready to listen throughout my day; but lately I haven't felt that pull of interest towards any specific topic. Although I must say my sister Sally's not-so-official-engagement (sorry if I spoiled something Sally--I have to find amusement somewhere), and the drama surrounding the topic of wedding planning and the hovering return of her ex-boyfriend from his mission in three weeks has been tempting me a bit. But that's not my story to tell--is it?

Anywho, I've come to the conclusion that my daily life with my children can also be amusing at times, and so it may be fun to share. Last Friday Charming went on a father's and son's outing. Yes I know, he is not the father to a son, or the son to a father that lives within the vicinity of 1,000 miles--but still he went for the male bonding and the inevitable delicious breakfast he would never have gotten at home. Buttercup was shocked to see him leave on a Friday night, and her eyes filled with tears as her lip trembled when he answered that she couldn't go with him. I saw the dilemma and immediately organized a girl's night out for me and......the girls!

In honor of Buttercup we watched Ella Enchanted, a movie she had never before viewed, but was impressed with all the same because their was a princess (named ELLA!) and a handsome prince who fell in love etc. etc. I broke out the nail polish, which interested Lou Lou to the utmost. I painted both pairs of toesies a soft pink which Buttercup chose immediately upon viewing the choices. The main trick was not just to paint the excited, wiggly little toes, but to get them to dry without being destroyed. In the end, neither set turned out perfectly, but well enough for the "under 4" set. Needless to say, the evening went well and the girls were happy. I tried to take pictures to document the occasion, but I must say they do not do the party justice.

The best joke of the whole thing was that I woke in the morning to snow on the ground--Charming was out there somewhere in a tent! And yet the snow continued. And it was May. Despite my frustration at Spring's slow approach, I put on my happy face and my Christmas music! Nothing like a little holiday cheer in May to help you enjoy the snow.

Another little tidbit I thought was funny enough for the world wide web: Tonight at dinner was frustrating because it was the same as all the other nights at dinner--which includes Charming and me eating our (delicious) meal, and Buttercup and Lou Lou doing all sorts of things but not eating theirs. When dinner is over, and Charming and I are clearing away the remains, Buttercup and Lou Lou begin to complain that they are hungry and want to eat this or that. (Well, Lou Lou more or less squaks about it, but I know what she means). When this happened tonight and we were trying to coax (real) food into the children, I complained to
Charming about the whole situation. I said they needed to eat when we eat and eat what we eat--and that I was tired of feeding them. Buttercup was listening closely to this exchange and exclaimed with worry in her brow, "But Mama! You have to feed us!" Much laughter followed. I reassured Charming not to worry, the only person starving her is herself.

Oh, and just for your viewing pleasure, here are some cute pictures of my darlings being Tinker Bell. We have a plethora of Tinker Bell costumes coming in steadily from a generous donor.


Katie said...

Wow, I need to hear the whole Sally story....does that mean you'll be coming out soon and we can get together and see you!!!!!???

Jayni said...

So basically I miss my girls, and now they are all grown up and saving china!!!