Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Bet You Could Guess My Shameful Obsession

It has been almost exactly a year now since my Twilight passion began. My sisters Katherine and Sally wouldn't stop talking about the book at Sunday dinner and I could use a good read, so I borrowed the book. Six hours later I was obsessed. In an admittedly unhealthy way. I had a difficult time thinking about anything but Bella and Edward and their undying love for each other. I could barely crawl out of my thoughts long enough to make meals, clean my house, and make sure the children were still alive. It was terrible. To make matters worse, there were sequels, along with online forums to take up my time. I knew I had to stop and I did after a couple of crazy, delusional, and blissful weeks. I slowed it down enough that I can proudly say that I have only read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse three times this year. Considering the craze, that shows an amazing amount of willpower.

This subject may be getting a little boring for my three blog readers, because the story of Twilight conversion is just about the same for everyone--and the hype doesn't end--in fact it is only getting bigger. Oh well; I was swept up in it this time just as much as I was with Harry Potter, but maybe even more so. A woman old enough to be my mother in my ward told me that she was curious and read all three books in a week. Then she admitted that she found herself thinking of Bella and Edward and Jacob during a temple session--not okay. Yes, we are getting a little borderline insane here, but I understand where she's coming from.

Throughout this year of Twilight chaos, I have found myself getting sick of the story and cutting myself off for a week or two--relieved that the craziness was over--only to find my passion coming back with a vengence. If it wasn't so sacrilegious, I would bare my testimony that I know Twilight is true. But I won't, at least not here.

And now there is a movie coming out with a million more things to think and care about like Robert Pattinson's hair color and anything else Robert Pattinson etc. etc. (I love you hunny). Oh, and not to mention Breaking Dawn coming out August 2nd--I will so be in line at Barnes and Noble at midnight! I admit I am a bit ashamed to be a part of the masses in such a huge phenomenon, but I cannot help it. I have been sucked in like quick sand and the more I struggle, the deeper I get. It is a little funny being the Twilight guru when I go to Young Women, but I love the discussions and the girlie pleasures. I love finding other moms who feel the same as I do--it makes me feel not quite so insane or wicked.

To sum up, imagine me at a TA meeting (Twi-hards annonymous) and standing up and saying, "My name is Megan and I am a Twi-hard." Don't plan on a cure anytime soon.

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Sofia Dowse said...

OOOOOhh! I'm excited about the movie too! Although I have only read through the series once, I think it may be time this summer to read through them again. Right now I am enjoying reading 'The Virginian'. Anyways, I love you and hope you are up to no good...