Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bedtime Ramblings

My children won't go to bed. To be a little more clear, they are in bed (although I think I hear jumping on the mattresses), but they won't sleep. I put them in their beds an hour ago. Did the whole routine--prayers, songs, brushed teeth, etc. But when the sun won't go down, children stay up. No amount of bursting threateningly into the bedroom and telling them to go to sleep works either. I figure as long as the sounds are somewhat quiet and happy, too much damage cannot happen. I'd rather have them there--in the bedroom separated by the bars of the crib, than here with me, screaming over who knocked over who's little castle and touched someone else's dolly. After 8:00 it is my time, and I think I'll use it to continue my perusal of the afore-mentioned Jeeves and Wooster.

On a more thoughtful note, the other day Charming left for school, and after he closed the door Buttercup stated, "What a nice boy!" I agree. Nice boys make good husbands and I've got me one of those.

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