Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

My 25th birthday was this week, and although I approached it with caution, it turned out better than I had previously imagined. Birthdays are always big for me, coming in a close 2nd to Christmas, and so I love all the hype building up to it and then the grand finale, which includes: cake, candles, tons of notes from friends (I received several on facebook and on my email--thanks!), a big family dinner, a small showering of presents, the official and traditional story-telling of my birth, and pretty much just me being the queen of the day. I knew that this year would be a bit different seeing as how I live 1,000 miles away from "home". Cutting that out pretty much deletes most of the above, but luckily I have a fabulous husband (more posts coming on him sometime in the future) who was anxiously concerned for my birthday happiness throughout the day, and it didn't go unnoticed.

I could go on and on about the details of the day, but in the end it boiled down to getting home around 8:00 from a (mandatory) ward function, finishing my cake (Charming's job), blowing out the candles, opening presents, and then talking on the phone with family for the next couple of hours. I am so loved that the party continued on into the next day when I received more phone calls and finally my mother's package arrived! She always comes up with a fun array of gifts from her collection under her bed. Throughout the year she buys do-dads that are on sale (books, makeup, movies, purses, etc.), and then gives them as gifts for whatever occasion is coming up. Often these treasures wind up in our stockings come Christmas! This year I received several do-dads along with obvious specialty items. I know they are specialty items because they are just a little too expensive to be bought on a whim to be put under the bed, and they are quite particular to me.
Some of my birthday gift highlights were:

A purse I found crazy-cheap at Kohl's, given to me from "Buttercup and Lou Lou".

Several pairs of sterling silver earrings from my adoring husband. Gotta love the bling bling.

Two Weight Watchers cookbooks from my sweet in-laws. I've been wanting these forever!!!

And coming in the mail a day late, but definitely not too late for me--the 1st season of A&E's Jeeves and Wooster. I already had seasons 2 through 4, and seasons 1 has now completed my cherished set. Thank you Mama!

And now a word about Jeeves and Wooster. I am quite positive that most of you haven't seen this incredible work of art. It is essentially very good British comedy, starring Hugh Laurie (you know him from House--in fact, he plays House). The series is full of 1920's British silliness including the escapades of a young dandy (Wooster), and his helpful "man"--Jeeves--who is continually getting Wooster out of scrapes. I would rank the writings of P.G. Wodehouse (who wrote the books the series is based on), along side the likes of Oscar Wilde. Hilarious subtle British comedy. Unfortunately, almost everyone I know does not understand or appreciate British comedy the way it was meant to be appreciated--or loved, in my case. Usually my "investigators", stare at the screen, not following the plot or the subtle facial expressions or slight sarcastic jabs. Charming is my favorite, because he has loved me enough to give British comedy a try and has found a liking for it. In fact, I am quite shocked at his wit--there's more to the man than meets the eye! As for the rest of you (and I don't mean you HRH, or a few of my cousins who have read P.G. Wodehouse), you're missing out on a treat! And I've got the entire collection. Happy Birthday to me!!!


HRH said...

So glad your day was splendid and I'm so glad I got to speak with you.

FYI: You are so hott! Probably the shirt.

megs said...

Stupid shirt, it makes me look Hott!

Sofia Dowse said...

Hey! I like your blog title! Good choice! It's fun to see your birthday pictures! You are great!

heidikins said...

Happy Birthday!! Love that purse!