Thursday, April 3, 2008

And So We Begin

Okay world, I'm not exactly sure how or why, but I've decided to blog. In a fit of absolute frustration and boredom (and very possibly hormones) this evening I came to the conclusion that a blog would be the perfect place to let it all out. The confusing part is that "letting it out" could be very limited. Or then again perhaps I may find that my life is more exciting than I originally supposed. From my experience with other people's blogs I have found that it is not always events that make a blog worth reading, but rather the thoughts and ideas of the blogger.

Who knows what will happen? I may end up with a list of things my children do everyday--and that's not bad--or I may wax eloquent and "find myself", the Megs who is frequently hiding under the mommy facade. That remains to be seen.

In my burst of decision I came to a grinding halt when asked for a title for my blog. Is my creativity that depleted? Or am I just not as interesting as I had hoped? Charming thought I should say something about being a woman on the prarie (here in North Dakota that would be relevant). I was thinking more along the lines of "Confessions of a (fill in the blank)." But my adoring public (haha) knows best. If you have any great ideas let me know and then perhaps I can remove the question marks that grace the title page!

EDIT: I have put "Confessions of a Former Blonde" as the current title of my page. This is mainly because the question marks were so obnoxious and something had to be done. Please continue to feel free to suggest titles and whatnot!


jaction said...

What if your blog's name was just something like "NSYNC Lover"? Ha ha. Nice to see I can check your blog now. Jackie

megs said...

Nice Jack.