Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Book Tag

Book tagging is going around and I was tagged by Sofia. The instructions are:

Pick up the nearest book
Turn to page 123
Post the 5th sentence.

On and off I have been reading Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman. Here is what it says:

"The revelation on the millennial gathering brought all the routine activities of everyday life into question."

Interesting? Probably only in context. I tag whoever else is reading this and hasn't done it yet.


HRH said...

I wanted to do this on your blog. So check it, the book is Parenting Teens with Love and Logic. And this really is the line.

"Shoot, the Black Death in the Middle Ages only killed half the people."

megs said...

Haha! That line doesn't make sense with the title of the book.