Thursday, September 20, 2012

In which I don't give up, I just have a moment.

I know I broke the golden most important rule and skipped out on my post last Monday.  I shouldn't have done it, since the point of this blog is full disclosure and all that kind of stuff.

But last Monday was hard.  I had gained some weight (again) and was super disappointed in myself.  I've had a cold for the last two weeks and it keeps getting worse.  Or at least it wouldn't end.  Terrible enough.

Since I am fully disclosing my sins here I will also say that I ate large quantities of ice cream and towards the end of the week added quite a bit of homemade chocolate sauce to go with it.  I know you're drooling.  And yes, it was fantastic.

So it was with trepidation that I stepped on the scale this morning expecting the worst.  I imagined a really high number in my mind and told myself that if it was below that, I wouldn't freak out.  To my shock I lost weight.  What the?  My body makes no sense, but I'll take it.  My recent weight gain and loss puts me back approximately three weeks--which really isn't that bad considering total I've lost over eight pounds.  That's okay with me.

And now I recommit myself.  I'm starting completely over and seeing where it takes me.  This means no grains once again.  Does rice count? I think it does although I had some for dinner tonight.  I guess that means I'm actually recommitting tomorrow...

Exercise...  twice a week?  It's so hard to fit in, but I will start there and then move up an extra day each week.  I try to convince myself that doing outdoor projects (all my furniture spray painting lately could be an entirely different blog) is good exercise.  I'm not sure.  There is a lot of bending and squatting involved and it pretty much takes all day to complete a piece.  It is quite satisfying to finish something big, and really keeps me motivated to continue to do things and keep busy throughout the day.

I need some encouragement.  I'm not begging, just asking.  Any new ideas?  Or even old ones will do.  I want to stay on this path, no matter how long it takes.  I know it will be worth it to finally have energy and feel like myself again.

Deep sigh.


Mikelle and Ben said...

I like workout DVD's! Our local library actually has a great selection of them. I have found that I really love yoga. Apart from being great exercise, it also helps me to focus and relax. Keep up the good work. Don't be too hard on yourself because you're doing an awesome job! :)

Crosland Crew said...'re an inspiration! Love you tons! I have found an excersize program on chanel 9 (uen). Its every MWF at 8am and its only about 25min of "classical stretch". It sounds like it would be kind of wimpy, but i get a good sweat from just stretching! It makes my legs, back, arms, fingers feel stronger and leaner. I'm not perfect at doing it those 3 days, but when I do it, I really like it. So check it out! Love you lots!!!

Crosland Crew said...

Megan- I just realized I probably mentioned the classical stretch to you before...sorry if its a repeat. Love ya tons!

Claire said...

Still rooting for you out here - you can do it! I have a friend who had some success by texting everything she ate to a friend - so that her accountability was increased. Sometimes I think it helps just to try something different, to wake me up and make sure I'm not cutting corners :) - but that could just be me. Still, if you want someone to text to, I'm there for you!!!
Lots of love!