Saturday, October 6, 2012

You caught me.

Thank you all for the uplifting comments and ideas!  I have been having a hormonal moment the last few weeks (see my post back in August for details on how hormones ruin my life).  Hormones lead to extreme emotions and that leads to emotional eating--which I "repented" of last week.  This week has gone pretty well, except that now I am at my mother's home in Idaho on vaca for General Conference and old habits die hard.  There is chex mix a plenty and I'm sure that later this evening cookies will abound.  I intend to have one.  Dang it.  I might have three. 

My lovely cousin Claire has suggested texting her all the food I eat.  Hmmm.  Possible. 

My fantastic cousin Jan has suggested doing workout shows on tv, even some slightly restfulish ones.  Sounds nice.  Working out doesn't have to be easy for me, it just needs to be convenient.  And convenience isn't a convenience I have an abundance of currently.  I have three inconveniences and one fantastic helper.  Interpret that as you will, I'm just saying that I'm too lazy to make a schedule.  Boo on me.

I didn't lose weight this last week--maintained though.  Meh. 

Okay, blogging is actually quite invigorating for my soul, and so I will committ not to pig-out this weekend.  However I cannot committ to not eating my General Conference treats.  That will have to serve for now.

Thanks everyone for your super-duperness!  These are the things that put be back in line.

That is all.

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Claire said...

Love you! Our computer "blew-up", or rather, burned-up recently, so I haven't been able to get online! But I'm still thinking of you!! Offer still open!