Monday, September 3, 2012

I'll most definitely take it!

So this week I totally pigged out.  I was never hungry and there was a little guilt.

I exercised twice by hiking/pushing a stroller (one and the same in my neighborhood) for an hour.  I thought it was productive.

But when I went to weigh myself this morning I was sure the numbers wouldn't be pretty.  I thought I might even have gained some.  Imagine my delight when the scale said I LOST:

4.2 lbs.

Throw a freakin' party!  I think I did a little dance before announcing my success to Charming.  This is seriously painless.  Yes,  I have had to pass up a few yummies, but I don't feel deprived seeing as how I can eat other food (meaning no grains) until I'm full.  I can even have reasonable amounts of icecream.  Actually, last night I had extremely unreasonable amounts of icecream and I am still cheerful!  

Huzzah and Woot Woot!!!

I plan on keeping this up this next week--and perhaps walking three days this week?  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my good luck (or hard work) keeps up.

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Shelley said...

Awesome!! Way to go Megan!!! I went to a spinning class this morning and all throughout the class I was wondering, "Does it ever get any easier?" It wasn't complete torture, but it certainly wasn't super enjoyable. During the workout, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, and I just didn't love it. But it's all for a good cause, right? :)