Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm confused but whatever...

Boo.  I'm a little ticked off about how this week went so I'll just give it to you straight without any pageantry:  I gained .2 lbs. 

It is really not that much to gain, but it would have been nice to lose something...  I don't think I did anything different from last week. 

My hypothesis is this--that I lost so much last week because the day before my weigh in was a fast Sunday.  I think that temporarily augmented my weigh loss, and I probably only truly lost about 2 lbs.  If this is true then I probably lost another 2 lbs. this week. 

Which is good.  Good enough at least.

Really, if I keep losing 2 lbs. a week I have nothing to complain about.  I would love a quick weight loss, but slower is better they say.  Meh.

In other news, this week Lou Lou asked me if she was adopted. 

What The Heck?

Where did she even get that word from? Let alone the idea?

We then discussed about how she was not adopted but however if she was, it really wouldn't make a difference in her role in our family and in how much we love her blah blah blah. 

Hilarious.  Love my little munchkins...

That is all.

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