Monday, August 20, 2012

I never exercised and lost weight anyway... Smug? A little.

Where do I begin?  First things first I suppose.  This week I lost:  

(Drumroll please.)

2.4 lbs. 

Good news or bad?

Personally I was hoping for a little more weight loss, this being my first week and all.  But after a moment of contemplation I've realized that this is really a good number.  I haven't even exercised all week and have cheated a couple times on the no-carb thing and still I've lost weight.

Looking at it from a different way, 2.4 lbs. is equivalent to around ten sticks of butter.  Yes I said TEN sticks of butter (minus a tablespoon or two).  I don't know about you, but ten sticks of butter scraped off my thighs would do me a lot of good.  So here's a slight huzzah for 2.4 lbs. and no exercise...

And I have to admit it's been almost ridiculously easy so far.  I thought going off of grains (or carbs) (not too strict here as you can tell) was going to kill me--if not physically then at least emotionally.  Grain is the bread of life, rice is delightful with my veggies, and what is meat without potatoes?

Seriously, it has been no big deal.  I've found that I am super successful when I cut something out completely.  I can't cut out food 100% like an alcoholic can just avoid alcohol--so watching food portions is really difficult (hello Weight Watchers).  However, I can cut out carbs/grains/whatever (don't come after me nutritional science people--have mercy, I'm doing my best).  Turns out most of the bad stuff with sugar and bad fats are included in that category.  Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

So pretty much all week I've been stuffing my face with delicious seasonal veggies, most straight from my garden.  I also eat a lot of nuts during the day when hunger strikes (almonds anyone?).  And I've always been a meat girl so I'll usually have some with my dinner.

I am not suffering and so this has been a good week.  I expect to do even better this next week because I will begin going for walks in the morning when I take my girls to school.  I'm sure my body will appreciate the added movement and respond.  Also, as mentioned last week, I will now begin taking my herbal weight loss supplements.  My hopes are sort-of high here--not really sky-high because that's just living in a fantasy, but maybe up-to-my-kitchen-ceiling-high.

In other news, this week I am going to try to starve my children a smig and see if it leads them to the fresh cut-up vegetables on the kitchen counter.  No such luck yet with Farmboy, who found a plate of CC cookies from a neighbor on the counter and ate about six before I knew what was happening.

Buttercup and Lou Lou have been in their room for the last two hours with the charge of cleaning it before anything else happens today.  Sigh.  I could have picked up that room in five minutes no joke.  Pretty sure this is what I'll be dealing with the rest of the day.  BAH.

That is all. 

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