Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food is Torture

I've done a lot of thinking (and starving) lately and have made a few decisions for the present time.  I've decided to go off of grains for awhile in order to cleanse my body of the unhealthy effects of polluted grains that I constantly am taking into my system.  Also it should help drop some weight pretty quickly, which I am all about.  Don't freak out, it's really nothing extreme!  I can't explain the benefits that well since I don't speak Science, but I got a lot of eye-opening information at 

I've been pretty good at keeping my diet goals the last two days.  Still, I haven't been 100%--I tasted a roll last night and this morning as I fed them to my children.  (Seriously, if I wasn't a short order cook I think this healthy diet thing would work out so much better.  But keeping only insanely health food in the house doesn't fit into my job description.  I know I should just force my children into the healthy stuff, but truly they are the pickiest eaters since I myself was young.... younger.)

So I ate a roll.  And then I felt guilty.

And then I felt like I had blown The whole Plan. 

And then I got over it.

Exercise:  I did walk around the block last night in the dark with a fabulous friend.  I wore my flip flops and of course my knees began hurting before I could turn a corner, but I sucked it up and finished the job.  It was really a delightful stroll/hike, and I probably damaged my knees worse.  Ah well.  I'll get into some real exercising soon--probably next week when I get Buttercup and Lou Lou back into school and settled and I can then focus on working out.  I thought I would put Farmboy in the stroller and go all around my beautiful mountain neighborhood for an hour every morning--while wearing my good tennies with the inserts of course.  Please bless that my knees won't hurt.

Anywho, so now I'm thinking I will still eat my sensible meals, but with more protein and less carbs--almost like an Atkins thing.  I have high hopes as long as I can find something to do with myself when I'm feeling emotional.  My first thought is always to go straight to the cupboard/freezer/whatever, but this is also no longer an option.  I need a hobby.  Perhaps I should actually do some of the crafts I've pinned from Pinterest. 

Also, my most darling sister The Princess has just joyfully informed me that she most likely will be coming to stay for the weekend.  Wonderful news--however, my way of entertaining and celebrating usually involves meals smothered in butter and chocolate chip cookies galore.  I have really got to find an alternate way of feeling happy--or expressing happiness.  This is not easy.  This is one of the hardest things I've ever tried to do.

Ideas?  Help?  Prayers?  Sigh.


heidikins said...

I've tried (successfully, even) the no carb, more protein and veggie diet and I was actually really thrilled with how it turned out. Honestly, the first week was hell, but after that it wasn't so bad.

Good luck, my dear!

Amy Beck said...

We went lo-carb last summer when my hubby was diagnosed borderline diabetic. Now we focus on whole-grain carbs when one must eat bread. My thing this summer is just cut out as much processed crap as possible (if it has more than 5 ingredients, or if any ingredient looks like a chemical, avoid it). I'm having fruit/veggie/homemade yogurt smoothies for breakfast and lunch, then I eat whatever the fam is having for dinner, and I try not to eat after 7. Drink lots of water. I've lost 5 lbs this summer following this method. Last summer when we were doing exclusively lo-carb/no-sugar we each lost 10.