Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ode to Mornings

The last few days I've decided to try getting up early again (early as in 7 am). I used to have an entire routine down, then I just became lazy and would sleep until the girlies woke me up. My morning routine can be long and drawn out; often I have woken in the morning with dread at the start of another day. It just seems like too much--too much of the same thing that takes way too long to accomplish. (I know this is a terrible frame of mind, and it comes and goes--depending on what time of the month it is, if you get my drift....)

So anywho, I decided it was time to buck up and be a woman and rise with the sun, or at least at the time the sun would normally rise in the fall/winter. Of course this ended up being a fantastic decision, because once you actually drag yourself out of bed you find that mornings are lovely, pleasant, quiet, with birds tweeting, and all that sort of thing. I discovered that in the hour I had to myself before the children woke up, I could get so much more done on my routine list (some of it much more meaningfully--like prayer and scripture study). The awful morning obstacles I had to overcome became hardly a thought, such as my daily workout, showering, folding a load of laundry, and making my bed, etc. I know, you're all out there going, "Geesh Megs, what's the big deal?" These things aren't difficult right? Of course not, not when you don't have any children. But when you have two needy, hungry, fussy children following you around, getting the little things done is like running a marathon. Nix the children and all is bliss.

When the girlies woke up the bliss continued. Everyone was cheery and I had a lot less on my mind. I noticed how sweet and precious my children were. I've got to keep this whole morning thing up--it's turning into quite a success.

All you stay-at-home-moms out there, what do you do that makes your day run smoothly? Or are you just a lot less OCD than I am about having a check list?


Shelley said...

Oh Megan! You are not alone in having rough mornings. However, until I read this post, I thought that maybe I was! I'm so happy that you have found a way to make things go better for you! Keep it up!

Alex said...

I know that I love seeing you up in the mornings before I go to school all day. I love sharing the quite alone time with you

Jayni said...

I feel the same way megs, but once I am actually out of my bed and in the shower, it feels great to be awake. Also, I absolutely love that picture. It makes me think of that wonderful scene at the end of pride and prejudice when they are walking towards each other in the early morning. I can hear the bird sounds. Love you

Caleb and Suzy said...

I found this coolest website that helped me out of those droggy mornings... However, I haven't mastered the getting up early part... I have no children. But the site is
She is wonderful. I spent about 30 minutes on it and I have changed my life. Try the "swish and swipe bathroom cleaning" , "SHining your sink", and "dress to the shoes." I love all of those. They make a real difference. I am a believer in getting up early. WHen I do, I get so much more done in the day. Caleb would also have posted the same comment Alex did.
Love you,