Thursday, June 5, 2008

Booby Dazzler Defined

I have been receiving feedback that the title of my last post was misleading to my readers (I say that like I am writing for the New York Times). Apparently the term "Booby-Dazzler" wet the appetites for a complete discussion on what booby-dazzlers are, the actuality of their existence, and why my husband only wants one of them. I apologize if I was inadvertently deceptive--I tend to title my posts after I have typed it all out, and often I do not go for the obvious. When my readers were hoping for a breakdown on this seemingly lively topic, instead you were blasted with my woes of sick children and laundry. Again, I apologize.

The term booby-dazzler is not one you will find in the dictionary, and I would highly advise against googling it--I don't want to be responsible for whatever happens there. The word has made its way into my vocabulary trickling down through the generations from my Grandmother, who to this day, frequently uses the word. Instead of defining it myself, I went straight to a more knowledgeable source: my mother. Here is her definition:

Booby-Dazzler: "So amazing, so extraordinarily conspicuous; the ultimate in whatever commodity. Usually a sandwich."

So, although the term begins as an adjective, it has become so descriptive that it can be used as a noun. So instead of saying "What a booby-dazzler sandwich!", you might instead reflect "This sandwich is a real booby-dazzler!"

I would like to take this opportunity to add that my Grandmother's homemade "Spudnuts" (aka. mouthwatering doughnuts), are also commonly referred to as booby-dazzlers. That is all.


Kiersten said...

Yeah, I'd read booby dazzler and think something along the lines of Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl...

I'm glad it's not ; )

Also, I'm sorry that your girls have been sick. That's the worst. My two little maniacs get sick a ton, too. And a cat scan, yikes. Lena had to have an MRI and two EEGs a couple of years ago. What a nightmare. So you have my sympathy!

Katie said...

Wow wow wow Megan. I can't tell you how hard I am laughing right now. This is the ultimate LOL moment. I think Adam is going to throughly enjoy using the term "booby dazzler." Oh and I want your bread recipe....if you give it out. I have tons of wheat flower and I think I need to start making my own bread. I have a few recipes I've tried, but nothing that has really stuck with me.

Shelley said...

Great to know what a booby-dazzler is. I'd never heard that term before reading your post, but by the way, that sandwich looks (in my own terms) Totally YUMMO! I can see why someone came up with such a term.