Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just in Case

Charming has seemed a bit tense lately. It feels as if he is ready to spring at any moment, worried about some danger, or maybe attempting to protect himself. I noted this the the other night when I was in bed reading, he asleep right beside me--I merely turned the page of my book and he sat straight up, wide-eyed, sputtering "What, huh? Huh?". I told him to go back to sleep in a soothing voice (attempting to cover my chuckle).

This is not the only incident that has left me worried. There have recently been two or three episodes where we've been asleep, Charming with his arm around me, and he has suddenly tensed up and began choking me. I am not even kidding. I had to throw him off me (no small feat). The second time it occured he got a talking to. Can you blame me? Who wants to wake up to find your husband strangling you?

Now the real question is: Was Charming really sleeping or was he really trying to kill me? All this jumpiness has me a tad concerned. Is this all part of his master plan?

So, in case I die unexpectedly (or somewhat suspiciously) within the next few weeks, you'll know what happened.


Alex said...

I vote that he is asleep

Shelley said...

Scary! I vote in agreement with Alex, but I wonder why that is going on! I suggest you figure it out and fix it quick!! :)

Jayni said...

I vote that alex can't come to utah to visit anymore. I feel like ALL our lives are in danger!!!

Katie said...

Funny. Adam wouldn't choke me, but for a while he would grab my head and start running his hands through my hair muttering jibberish. It was really weird so I know how you feel...except the almost dying part.

Janette Rallison said...

Hmmm. Were you snoring when he attempted to choke you? My husband snores and I've been tempted to try it . . . just kidding . . . maybe a sleep doctor is in order.