Thursday, May 14, 2009


So yes, I'm back. At least for today. It's been about five weeks since I blogged last and my mind is about to explode with random thoughts for the unknown public to read. Here are a few for your perusal:

  • I swear estrogen is dripping off the walls of this house. Buttercup cries at the drop of a hat as if she's menstruating, and both little princesses insist on changing their outfits (along with shoes, scarves, purses, jewelery, and other accessories) at least five times a day.
  • Why do the good people of North Dakota continually drive five miles under the speed limit? I never would have called myself a Utah driver--but when a lady in a Taurus with two babies in the back goes whizzing by all the traffic on the freeway, there is no other explanation.
  • I LOVE my husband. Bless his soul if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Not only does the man still give me flutters when he walks through the door everyday, he loves me and takes care of me like I'm THE queen. I'm so thrilled with this whole physical therapist thing because shoot, Charming is smokin' in a pair of dockers and a button-up collared shirt (with the sleeves rolled up all temptingly like he's really just a rustic mountain man underneath). Oh, and he made me a fabulous chocolate cake (his own recipe mind you) for mother's day. This man knows what love is.
  • "Little House on the Prairie" (the tv series), has turned into a very unsatisfying soap opera for me as of late. I was bestowed with all 9 seasons for Christmas, and now what can I say? Will Laura and Almanzo ever stop bickering and just get to the romancing already? I mean I understand it's a family show and all, but good golly, if they can address issues like rape, murder, and death, I think we could deal with a little sweet-talking and a soulful kiss or two. (Yes, I know, I'm a loser. Moving on.)
  • I have committed a domestic sin and bought (for a few weeks in a row now) ready-made meals for my family. It was yummy.
  • I have gone from obsessing about household cleanliness--such as sweeping the floors three times a day and scrubbing toilets for fun--to beginning to comb through summer clothes put in storage for my girls, and dropping the whole project winding up with sundresses strewn all over the house by my precious little angels. Odd. Maybe I'm bipolar. I won't look into that though--I'll probably just end up taking another non-helpful expensive test/procedure.
  • Better Homes and Gardens magazine is my new bible. I've actually begun tearing out pages of my favorite things and consequently had to make a "Home Decor" file in my cabinet.
  • I actually spent more than half of my birthday money on "home decor". Crazy sauce. And does my house look any cuter? Not for me to judge...
  • Buttercup has officially banned the word "cute". Apparently anything "cute" is a little girl thing and she is now in the "big girl" category. Why was I never informed that adolescence began at four years old? They should have trained us for this in all those prenatal classes I had to attend (you know, in between the "How to latch on" and "Go to your happy place when it hurts like the devil" chats).
  • No really, I was serious. Please stop hitting on Livvy. (Plus is makes Jayni feel bad.)
  • I went running the other day. I should have had a photo shoot for a special scrapbook page because I don't think that's ever going to happen again.
  • Last night Charming helped me concoct an avocado hair mask (thank you BHG magazine!) at 10:30 at night. He then applied it to my entire head and actually seemed to be enjoying himself. I just wanted some chips for dipping with.
  • I AM going to color my hair. If I keep chanting this maybe it will happen. Don't worry, I will still be a former blonde.
  • It's been weeks since I've read an entire book. Something must be wrong. Or maybe I just need to get through Little House.
  • How do you respond when your two-year-old is continually yelling at everyone around her "Don't SAY that!" I just end up saying "Don't SAY that!" right back at her and then we're going in circles. I hate being outwitted by a small child.
  • Did I mention that Charming is growing his hair out just for me? This is how I know the guy loves me--it's a weird Edward fetish. Don't mock me, just feel privileged that I let you in on the strange inner workings of my mind.
  • Today I was wishing I had learned to play the violin. Odd. I can't even play the piano competently.
  • I am really looking forward to my Jane Austen tour of England when I'm.... well when I'm older and have money. Apparently that is important when you want to sleep in a castle in the British countryside.

Hopefully you'll be hearing from me again soon. That is all.


Heidi and Matt said...

Yay!!! You are such a crack up Megs! Wish I could come see your new decor. Little girls are so silly. Can't help but laugh. glad you updated...the closest I get to reading a good book!!!

Mikelle and Ben said...

Ha ha! You're awesome! I totally know how you feel about the whole running thing. I never EVER go running! I hate it with a passion! And I wish I had an obsession with cleaning my house! I'm lucky if the cleaning gets done once a week!:)

Jayni said...

Oh yay! I have missed you! WOnderful post my love. I am a little scared to start my "Little House" journey now...I don't know how much drama I can handle...

I went running this week too! All is not right with the world...

heidikins said...

Mustard! Hi and welcome back!!!

Please to post pics of your hair (pre and post "do") and decor prowess!



Dione said...

Megan when our husbands our Physical therapist/Dr's can we go to England with you? I like the sound of castles! Ummm if alex is growing his hair to be like Edward are you dying your hair to be like Bella?? Great post!!! Oh, I also spend way to much money on never have to try them on or go up a size haha :) love ya

Andrea said...

love ya Megs--your blog always puts a smile on my face!

Tay and Liz said...

This was a great post!! Once again, my day is brightened:)