Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please, help me care.

I've been deliberating for the last 15 minutes if I wanted to blog. I mean, all signs point to Yes! You haven't blogged in over a week Megs! But guess what?




I suppose that statement could be somewhat misleading--indeed, I wish I cared. I wish that I had several entertaining blogs ready to spring on the world. Truth be told, there have been some flickers of ideas where I think, "Ah! I should totally blog about that." But then the moment passes and it's gone.

To sum up, I have lost the motivation to blog. I promise this is a temporary disease--because I love blogging, it's so fun--I just need the proper motivation to spit out my random thoughts. So there you go, my blogging about not blogging. Now next time, perhaps I will concentrate this energy into an actual post.

That is all.


jaction said...

Cute background.

Okay, here are things to blog about: old boyfriends, college, strange roommates, food, tv, movies, books, people you like to stare at, music, what your house looks like, your favorite piece of clothing and why, what you dreamed about last night, how you feel about North Dakota, and pickles. Okay, you don't have to write about pickles, it was just a thought.

Hannalee said...

I want to see a picture of a birthday cake....if you did one. :) We're excited for a party this weekend. I'll call you sometime.