Monday, July 7, 2008

We're not in North Dakota anymore Todo

Sunday morning I was just in the beginning stages of doing my hair, on the ground floor level bathroom at my grandparent's house. The window was open, and I peeked through it to get a glimpse of the beautiful morning. There, not five feet away from my face, lounged a huge buck (male deer for those of you who aren't....well you should know what that is), starring right into my eyes. I don't pay attention to things like how big it's rack was (although Charming said he saw a five-pointer around here lately; that sounds big), but the words huge beast flitted through my mind. I screamed, and we both jumped. Seriously, the deer literally jumped. I'm sure he's not used to being snuck up on like that. Me neither. He immediately pranced away, as I clung to the towel rack trying not to fall over while my heart slowed. This isn't something that would normally happen in North Dakota--at least it hasn't happened to me. Deer don't usually peek into my bathroom window on Sunday mornings there. (Hello, can a girl get any privacy around here?) Welcome to Utah, Megs.


Heidi and Matt said...

The only animals sneaking up on you here would be in the road! That is an impressive site though!

heidikins said...

Wow, that IS impressive!