Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buttercup ventures into reading... and launches her school-teaching career

Buttercup has really been advancing in her school work the last few months and weeks. She's been sounding out words with a frustrated attitude since this summer, but as of late her reading skills have really taken off. She started with some take-home-reading books from school that read simple repetitions and this last week she picked up one of her easy reader books that are much more complicated and read the whole thing--sounding out the more difficult words patiently and surprising me by knowing most of the words by sight. I suppose I ought to send her teacher an apple or something because apparently she's been doing her job well...

Buttercup has taken out her new found gifts on Lou Lou, who does preschool at home with me most mornings when Buttercup is at school. Although Lou Lou can barely recognize only a handful of letters, let alone remember their sounds, Buttercup thought it necessary to school her in the finer arts of punctuation. Setting up school downstairs in their expansive room, Buttercup wrote out a few sentences as an example for Lou Lou's learning, including a period, question mark, and exclamation point--and then proudly taped it on the sliding glass doors by the kitchen. It went as follows (notice the punctuation):

I like you.
Can you read?
I love you!

I hope Lou Lou now knows the difference between a calm "I like you." and a feeling "I love you!". Buttercup sure does. She's been practicing her reading "with expression". At first she was shy and a bit offended when I suggested she ammend her monotone reading voice to one using "expression" like mama does when she reads. She was horrified after a few examples to show her what I meant, but a day or two later she began doing it on her own--proudly displaying her expression like it was a new outfit. (And trust me, those are proudly displayed.)

Anywho, we are incredibly proud of Buttercup's achievements. Even after all these years, Charming and I seem shocked when our children learn something new--"Look! Something we made together can read on it's own! It works!".

It stretches beyond that--lately we realized that Buttercup will be turning six in a week or two, which is incredibly shocking because we were sure five was tops after her last birthday. But now that I think about it, next year Buttercup will turn seven.... and do you realize that after that SHE'LL BE EIGHT?!?!?!!! (Yes, I myself have learned how to use question marks and exclamation points.)

I tell you it is getting quite overwhelming how quickly time passes and children grow and learn and progress. But I suppose life would turn stale if change wasn't constantly occuring, even with our sweet little ones. Isn't that what the plan of salvation is all about anyway? Learning and growing and progression. Sigh.

You probably noticed I'm back. Duh. I felt like telling a story and here is the end result. You're welcome! We'll see if this sticks... this could be fun you know?

That is all.


Dione said...

I can't believe she will be 6 either, she is such a smart girl!!

pinksuedeshoe said...

For the record, a little aside that says, Hi, I'm blogging today, I realize it's been a while in a post with a funny story is like a billion times better than a year long update post and a million apologies about a blogging absense. Just saying. Also, I had a dream that I bought and moved into the vacant house across the street from you. Wouldn't that be awesome? Yes. Yes it would.

Yomama said...

So nice to see you back to your talented blogging! And so amazing to hear of your children's advances; I am one of those who entertains the notion that no one changes in absence, and then I see them and pass out...
Anyway, reading your blog always makes me feel like we've had a nice visit. So thanks for the nice visit! I'm smiling! But now I must go back to sewing the prom dress...
Your pink suede shoes friend's comment was almost as much fun to read as a blog. My compliments to her, too.

Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

Your little ones are darling, and I truly understand how it feels to watch them grow so quickly! It take my breath away that my baby boy is nearly one!