Monday, March 28, 2011

And then I took the Nyquil

Today I blog because I am avoiding doing the important stuff, or the "usual" stuff. The reason for this may be because I have a cold and took Nyquil last night and I'm still not over the effects, or perhaps because it's that special time and I feel like bursting into tears because all of the forces of the universe seem to be against me (totally not true bytheway if I do an evaluation--my body is just telling me lies). I can think of a hundred things to do and a bajillion reasons why not to do them--or maybe because I just don't want to move and that basically trumps everything. In the meantime Lou Lou and Farm Boy run wild through the untidy wilderness of my home. They don't seem deprived but then again Farm Boy thinks cat food is a treat. Okay, maybe I'll put a stop to that one. While I've got ya here I'll post some random musings:

  • Why do I have to love peanut butter so much? It is a weakness, and paired with chocolate, it is my downfall.

  • Lou Lou has informed me that she is in love with the cute little neighbor boy, and that she fell in love with him a long, long, long, long time ago when she was three. This sounds serious. Recently she asked me if she could play with Boy Next Door, and could she please put on her lipstick first before knocking on his door. Cause for concern?

  • I really should recommit to taking off my makeup at night.

  • There is a new stray cat in the neighborhood who looks very similar to Phoebe (my new cat) and is giving her a bad name by running into neighbors houses and hiding under their beds. If you are my neighbor, please understand this is not Phoebe, this is an evil voyeur look-alike and I do not feed her.

  • Farm Boy now walks. Good? Bad? The jury is still out.

  • I have now witnessed a live birth. Of a real human baby(!). IT WAS AWESOME. This event has commenced an inward struggle over my resolution to do anything that is needful to prevent myself from ever becoming pregnant again ever ever ever. But then one of my precious children whines about something and I'm more recommitted than ever before.

  • My husband makes yummy treats. This must mean he loves my shapely figure and doesn't want it to change in any way because he's doing his darnedest to keep it round and soft. Um thanks Charming?

  • Primary equals fun! Who knew? I completely forgot about the little party that happens in the primary room each Sunday morning. Plus there's a song for just about any topic that needs discussing or celebrating. Huzzah for my new calling!

  • I've probably read about seven books this month. And I've still got a couple more days to squeeze another in. Yay! Another reason/excuse not to be productive!

  • I am going to make a slipcover for my living room couch. I've been saying this since last October. Impediments: wimpy sewing machine, basic lack of a pattern or awesome sewing now-how, finding the perfect expensive fabric and fear of cutting into it, um--my obvious lack of motivation to even do the vacuuming.

  • The aforementioned cat, Phoebe. What the devil was I thinking!?!?!!!! Oh well.

  • All single men in their mid-twenties/early thirties are stupid. How could you exist out there and not be fawning over my most excellent sister, Miss Dowse? Do you not see how gorgeous she is? Her hair is indescribably wonderful. She is smart and witty, extremely fun and a hard worker. Unless your list for the perfect woman includes something like ugly, mean, hard-hearted, hates children, and has multiple piercings and tattoos, she is the girl you want. The real question is, are you good enough for her? You are all fools.

  • I am going to start a garden. Sigh.

  • I had very intense dream that I met Jim Carrey and we became fast, secret friends. We called each other all the time and laughed our heads off. Charming didn't mind. We ran away from paparazzi and ate delicious food. Weird.

Okay, now my conscience is declaring war on my blogging, so off I go to get dressed and make sure the small children haven't swallowed something toxic.

That is all.


Mikelle and Ben said...

Oh you make me laugh! And you say you need to recommit to taking OFF your makeup? I need to recommit to putting mine ON! :) And I totally know what you mean about feeling like the universe is out to get you! I feel like that a lot, the only difference is that you are reasonable enough to realize that it's all lies! Haha! And yay for gardens! I want to start one, too...we'll see. Maybe you'll be able to give me some pointer! :)

Mikelle and Ben said...

...pointers! With an "S"! That's what I meant. Heehee!

Andrea said...

Ahhh, Megan. You are so funny. If only I could write like you. Thanks for making me smile today!! Love ya

Yomama said...

You, my distant, amazing friend, are a true blogger. Too much fun to read this!
I'll be in Utah the first days of May with possible time to visit. Is that a possibility?
Love yer guts. Always will.

pinksuedeshoe said...

#1- you are seriously hilarious.
#2- good quality and inexpensive fabric is to be had at Home Fabrics in O-town. Across the street from Barnes&Noble, next to Michaels/Best Buy. Good stuff for $5 a yard instead of $20. Awesome.

#3- I am totally offended that I am not in your bloglist on the sidebar. That's all.

#4- But not really, because I'm not THAT shallow.


Shelley said...

Reading this post made me totally and completely miss you! A lot. O goodness! You are so clever and witty I could never dream to be as entertaining as you. I am simply happy to have met you. You are a dear. P.S. Congrats on the new calling! I loved serving in primary. :)

Pitcher Family said...

All so true and so funny!! I can relate! You make me feel good by posting how many books you've read lately! I'm up there with you, and can't feel too bad about it, the kids are still fed, healthy and clothed.

Windy100 said...

Hey cousin! You crack me up. Thanks for sharing your little insights with me. Also, what books are you reading? I need a few good books to read! Any suggestions? Love your blogs! Keep it up!

Owner of the Band said...

I think you should not blame your sweet cat for your problems. And also ... how can you become rich from selling slip covers if you never makes the first one. Go buy the fabric, woman!

Alicia said...

You made my day!!! :)