Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's all pray for Buttercup's Soul.

So this morning at breakfast, Buttercup looked deep in thought. I gave her a smile to encourage her to speak. She sighed, looked at me with furrowed brows, and said:

"Mama, can you tell me all about... the devil?"

(Insert creepy panic music here).

Yes, my precious little princess was spending her solitude pondering the workings of Satan. I shuddered and glanced around the room nervously, then asked her what she meant. She continued, "Why does he want to make little girls and boys be naughty?"

Something akin to a Sunday School lesson followed, ending with the two of us singing "I Lived in Heaven". I was relieved to note that Buttercup seemed to be leaning toward Jesus's team.

I'll keep you posted.


HRH said...

Glad she's on the right team.

Jayni said...

Oh how I love my niece. A lot. And you too. Cause your pretty. And fun. And smart. And you like Edward's hair.

Mrs Ana said...

I think you should write a book. The World according to Ella. Or turn it into a childrens book. You are such an excellent writer. I'm always entertained by your adventures as a Mother. I'm telling you, you have a gift!! I be first in line to buy it and promote for you!

megs said...

Wow Ana I am totally flattered. I would never have considered myself creative in the least in these areas. Question: What would the book be about? Who would the target audience be? I can only write about real things, I can't come up with a story (not that creative).

Love ya!

Pitcher Family said...

I'm with Ana! I love ready your posts. They are entertaining and real. I wouldn't worry too much about your sweet little girl, I think she'll stick to the right team!