Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Despite it all

Today is not looking so good for me. I know I'm a blogging slacker and it makes me feel sad. My body hates me and I'm feeling a bit hormotional. The girlies want attention and seem to think I'm a human jungle gym--they've both been put in timeout more than once today and it's not even 11:00 yet. Also, I'm not happy with the election results from last night and so as an internet surfer I am a bit annoyed at all the online parties taking place (yes, you found me out--I am a republican and I'm not in the mood for that much change, if you get my meaning). I also happen to be in charge of a YW thingy tonight, at which I am expected to give a talk I have thought a lot about and am not prepared for:) The weather outside matches my mood--dark and drizzly. On top of it all, I have recommitted myself to my WW diet and so I can't do the usual wallowing in food (my drug of choice) to up my spirits.

Hmm, I just gave in and ran to the kitchen and broke my diet with some of Buttercup's leftover Halloween candy. Now I feel guilty, but mostly I just want more.

Anywho, some days are better than other days. And I know this day could be worse--but it isn't, and I'm very blessed. Despite being poor students living off of loans, Charming and I are very comfortable and our children are healthy (mostly) and happy. We have two cars that are still running and lots of food storage. (I have to tell you, we just canned 8 more quarts of applesauce yesterday, on top of the other 20 quarts of applesauce and 6 quarts of apple pie filling we did a couple weeks ago. So proud.) We have attentive parents full of love and advice, who call US because it's too expensive for us to call them (we don't have cell phones--they're too expensive:)).

Mostly though, I'm grateful for Charming. I don't think I could have possibly have found a better man to be married to me. The guy works hard all day in school, and then comes home ready to put on his husband and father face and does it with a smile. Instead of criticizing my endless faults, or getting frustrated when I am having down time, he encourages me and lifts me with a joke, or a hug, or just silently taking over whatever it is I've got going on. Occasionally I'll put off making dinner for as long as I can and trudge into the kitchen, only to find that Charming is more than halfway done with the prep himself (he is so smart--he just sees the recipe I left out and gets on it!). On Saturday he shooed me out the door TWICE to go out with friends--as if he hasn't been waiting all week for the chance to play on the weekend. But he stuck himself with babysittng duty and seemed as though he couldn't have imagined a better way to spend the day. I love this man. And apparently he loves me too, he tells me so at least three times a day! And I never tire of hearing it:)

So I guess I will smile today.


jaction said...

Charming isn't the only one who loves you--I do too! I hope your day turns from dull into dynamite! Love you! P.S. Your brother and Sofia were really nice to me and had me over to dinner. Your mom should be proud. :)

Mrs Ana said...

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful man in your life. I remember those days of being poor college students. Someday you'll look back on these days with fondness. I hope tomorrow is a better day!!

Alex said...

I love you!