Friday, September 19, 2008

Clothing from the GAP is totally appropriate for senior citizens... within reason

So last night Charming was reading the Ensign right before we went to bed. We really were very tired, so he was attempting the casual-flip-through version of reading--which usually results (at least in my case) in only looking through the articles with a lot of pictures. An article entitled A Time of Harvest, was almost entirely made up of different artist's depictions of the harvest and people doing harvesty things. I was reading my own book, but my interest was peaked when I heard Alex go "Awe... look Meg, it's us!"

I was a little confused. Here's why: It was a painting of a cute old couple sitting at their table praying over their food. Now I have nothing against blessing the food--we do it everyday, and yes, I would venture to say that often Charming and I are cute. But we are not "old". I looked up for an explanation and the conversation continued something like this:

"No it's not... we're not that old."

"But we will be old someday!"

"Obviously I know this, but I would never wear that outfit."

"Well, you wouldn't wear that now, but you will when you're old."

"No, I absolutely refuse to wear silky shirts with large butterflies or bunnies or perfume bottles or whatever printed on them, no matter what my age."

"When you're older you'll change your mind."

"Why should I change my mind? Like my sense of style is just going to disintegrate as I age?!"

"Well I was just saying..."

"I'm not gonna turn sixty, chop off all my hair and get a perm!"

He gave up after that. But seriously, I can't see myself wearing crocheted vests and turtlenecks just because they seem to fit more with my age group. There must be a way to age gracefully, without losing who you are. Obviously it is not appropriate to continue dressing like a teenager; your style should evolve over the decades to suite your age--but I don't feel that the underlying theme should change at all.

I don't know, I can see myself wearing a lot of Eddie Bauer as I reach middle age and... old, age. Really, we have no idea how the elderly will look and behave in fifty years, because those people are now in their twenties, and how they are now experiencing life will affect who they will become as senior citizens. I'm sure our grandparent's grandparent's dressed and possibly acted much differently than they do now. Hmm, maybe grandma buns will be the new hairdo of the rising generation of the future elderly.

I know, super random post. What will you wear when you are "elderly"?


Katie said...

Adam says that we'll all be playing video games because that's what we do now.

Shelley said...

I never really thought about what I'd wear, but I figure that our own grandchildren will say that they "won't wear that when they get old!" too. I totally loved this post by the way! It made my morning!

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan!
I am laughing so hard at this post! I always ask Ben if he'll still love me when I'm forced to wear adjustable waistline slacks & sweatshirts that coordinate with the upcoming holidays. Fortunately, he says yes.

altamania said...

Well being on the closer side of old age I will still be wearing levis and tennis shoes and keeping it comfy

megs said...

Ah, just tell me you won't be wearing elastic waist levis and we'll leave it at that.